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"Careful, Starscream, you may dislocate a landing gear patting yourself on the back."

"When we started designing [Knockout], the only directive was to make him a fast car, a foil for Bumblebee. I remember looking at his rims and saying ‘just pimp him out’. We have him lots of red and gold. I remember thinking that he’s be attractive in bot mode. Then the studio said that he’s the sexiest bot they’d ever seen. That’s where his vanity came from."      ~Jose Lopez

Direct Quote from The Art of Prime.

If anyone says that robots can’t be attractive I’m gonna show them this

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Ouch. x.o; America’s health care system is beyond fucked and reading this just makes me frustrated beyond belief. Seriously, that’s insane. I really hope that’s not all yours to pay.

No, I have Medicare, so it’s not all mine. How MUCH is mine I don’t know, and even if it isn’t that much, not sure how I’ll pay it at all, but we’ll see. It’ll be okay. :)

Fucking Hell!



Got an itemization (that had THIS IS NOT A BILL in big letters on it) for the surgery.

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I think the whole ‘people with disability’ can live it up easy like is something from the WAY past that kind of transcended its way to now. I can imagine back when you…

Ugh, there’s just so much wrong with the way we handle healthcare and poverty both in this country and unfortunately, I’ll probably die of old age before it’s fixed. If it ever is.

I’ll be alright though. They can’t get blood from a stone. What’re they gonna do, dock my pay? Throw me in jail? DESTROY MY CREDIT REPORT? GASP! (lol like credit matters at my income. I could buy a nice, multilevel cardboard box on credit.) They can have at it. :)

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